The other day I was in Glasgow with my mum. Now, with Glasgow being the large city that it is you can expect to see a lot of people busking.

So, you had your usual dance groups and folk singers, however, someone caught my eye. It was a young girl who could not have been older than 7, playing the ukulele whilst singing and playing the harmonica.

I know for a fact that when I was that age I would never have been able to do that and even now I would struggle.

Now, I’m not saying that she is the only one brave enough to do it because people busk everyday. However, she had to be one of the youngest people busking that I have ever seen. Not only that but she was extremely good at what she was doing.

I have to say that this young girl really inspired me and she showed true courage to be able to do that which is VERY refreshing to see.



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