REALISTIC New Year’s Resolutions.

Hello there, I hope you have all had such an amazing Christmas and New Year, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you have all had a lovely holiday.

Now, since it is the first day of a new year I am going to go ahead and assume that most of you have set up resolutions for yourself in the hopes of this year being “your year”.

But, ask yourself two questions: How many years have I been setting resolutions for myself? How many times have I actually stuck to those resolutions?

Unless you are a literal alien in which case I applaud you, your answers to these two questions are probably: too many years and a big fat 0.

However, if you set yourself REALISTIC goals for a New Year, you are more likely to stick to them and I can guarantee you that when it gets to this time next year you will feel like you have accomplished a lot.

So, here are some tips to help you set realistic New Years resolutions.

  1. Set yourself goals that you know for a fact you are going to keep. You know you better than anybody and only you know what you will be able to achieve.
  2. Don’t set goals that you have previously set and have not stuck to. You know you will not keep them so don’t bother setting them.
  3. Don’t go too over the top. Now, I’m not saying don’t believe in yourself and set goals that challenge you a bit but don’t go too far and set yourself a goal that you won’t even start to achieve.
  4. Set goals that are going to make you happy. Don’t set your goals for the sake of someone else and don’t do something to try to impress someone else. Do everything in your life for you and only you.
  5. Never give up. If you happen to slip up, don’t give up on yourself. Simply try again.




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