So, I have already published a blog post about my tattoos. When I wrote that post I only had three but I have since then added to my ink collection and got one more tattoo last year, on my birthday.

Now, if you know me (which most of you probably don’t) you will already be fully aware of the fact that I. LOVE. CATS.

Yes. Cats. Small, cute, fluffy, cuddly kittens that are God’s personal killing machine but cannot put their skills to use as us humans keep on picking them up, kissing them, and telling them how beautiful they look today.

But, since my obsession with cats has oddly increased since I’ve started college, which, side note; has NOTHING to do with cats so I honestly have no clue how that has actually happened…

Anyway, I think you can guess where this odd story is going and I think you can put 2 and 2 together and guess that I have got a tattoo of a cat on my side!!

I have to say that this was one of the sorest tattoos that I have got. However, that  being said, it is also definitely one of my favourites and one of the only tattoos that I don’t regret getting!

Now here is a very bad quality photo of my new ink!




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